Power Grid Components, Inc.

Affiliated Companies



Instrument Transformer Equipment Corporation ("ITEC")

ITEC is located in the Charlotte / Monroe area of North Carolina. The Company manufactures products for the electrical and electric utility industries in the United States and for export. ITEC is an original equipment manufacturer of instrument transformer products divided into two application areas; revenue metering and protective relaying. ITEC offers a broad variety of product designs well suited for voltage transformer and current transformer service areas. ITEC also offers various support and technical services relating to the application and in-service needs for instrument transformer products. The company uses highly cost competitive technology in all areas to produce products that are technologically competitive to others available in today’s market.

Clinton Gehrmann, President


Newell-PSN, LLC

Located in Columbiana, Ohio, Newell/PSN is a world-class supplier of a wide range of high-quality solid core porcelain and glass insulators sold to OEM’s, distributors, electric utilities, packagers and other customers who service the electric power grid.  The Company has built its reputation by delivering high quality products sourced through a worldwide supply chain.  Newell’s products are sold through a nationwide network of manufacturer representatives.  The Company’s products are designed to comply with industry standards and undergo extensive testing prior to being put into service.

Newell is an approved vendor for virtually every major US utility and also has products approved by the Rural Utility Service.

Rick Stanley, President