Blackstone Acquires Power Grid Components, Inc., a Leading Supplier of Critical Components for the Electrical Grid

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Power Grid Components is pleased to welcome Tom MacDonald as our first Vice President, Sales, and Marketing, effective March 31st.

As the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Tom MacDonald will be responsible for developing and executing the commercial and go-to-market strategy for Power Grid Components.

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Featured Brand

Featured Brand

Power Grid Components (PGC) is a multi-product line supplier of highly engineered, quality power equipment used primarily in substations to build and maintain the North American power grid. Through our brands, ITEC, Newell PSN, Meister International and Royal Switchgear, PGC offers porcelain, composite and glass insulators, as well as, instrument transformers for revenue metering and protective relaying along with hookstick disconnect switches and group operated air-break switches for the North American power grid.

A more detailed list of the products include CTO Line of Current Transformers, VTO Line of Voltage Transformers, CVTO Line of Combination Metering Unit, PST Line of Station Service Transformers, DCR Line of Dry Type Transformers, C-Neck Tie Top, F-Neck Tie Top, F-Neck Tie Top, Horizontal Clamp Top Gain Base, Horizontal Clamp Top Stud Mount, N-Neck Tie Top, Vertical Clamp Top Stud Mount Line Post Insulators. Guy Strain, High Voltage Pin Types, Low Voltage Pin Types, Spool Insulators Distribution Insulators, Cap-Pin Replacement, Non-Stacking Units, Tapered Stacks, Uniform Diameter Stacks Station Post Insulators, Porcelain, Glass Suspension Insulators, porcelain, polyester and cycloaliphatic stand off, porcelain and cycloaliphatic bushings, Vee Center Break, Center Break, Vertical Break, Double End Break, Side Break, Ground Switch, and substation class power connectors, such as, Tee, Terminal, Stud, Bar, Bus Support, Coupler, Junction Boxes, Flexible Braid, Spring Strain Bus Assemblies, and Grounding Clamps.

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